Structured Robust Stability and Boundedness of Nonlinear Hybrid Delay Systems

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报告人:毛学荣,University of Strathclyde



摘要:Hu, Mao and Zhang in 2013 developed a new robust stability theory for nonlinear hybrid stochastic differential delay equations (SDDEs). The significant contribution of their theory lies in that it does not only show how much the linear perturbation but also how much the nonlinear perturbation a given stable (or bounded) hybrid system can tolerate without loss of the stability (or boundedness), while most of the papers up to 2013 could only cope with the linear perturbation. However, we will explain in this paper that the theory in the paper by Hu et al. in 2013 is good at dealing with the hybrid SDDEs that may experience abrupt changes in their parameters but not in structures. The key aim of this paper is to take the different structures into account to develop a new theory on the structured robust stability and boundedness for highly nonlinear hybrid SDDEs.


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