Stabilization of nonlinear hybrid delay systems by feedback controls based on discrete-time observations

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摘要:Studying on using hybrid stochastic differential equations (with Markovian switching) to model practical systems, where the structure and parameters of these SDEs may change abruptly, has received a lot of attentions in the recent years. However, in many branches of science and industry, systems may not only depend on the current state, but also be decided by the past states. Therefore, stochastic delay systems have also been studied intensively. One classical problem in this field is stabilization. Recently, Mao started to study on the stability problem of hybrid SDEs by discrete-time feedback control. However, as far as our knowledge, discrete-time feedback control theory has not been applied to study the stabilization problem of hybrid delay system. Therefore, in our research, we prove the stability of hybrid SDDEs by discrete-time feedback control.


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