Far-Infrared Spectroscopic Universe

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题目:Far-Infrared Spectroscopic Universe

姓名:Darek Lis
学校:Sorbonne University and Paris Observatory/PSL University


The formation of stars and planetary systems takes place in “molecular clouds”. These dense, cold, dust enshrouded regions of the interstellar medium exhibit a high degree of molecular complexity. How this complexity develops, and how far it progresses before the molecules are incorporated as ices into planetesimals in protoplanetary disks and delivered to planets in the habitable zone are key questions of today’s astrochemistry, which combines observations, theoretical computations, and laboratory experiments. Molecular and atomic fine structure lines are also excellent tracers of the physical conditions and gas kinematics, allowing detailed investigations of the early, deeply embedded stages of star formation and of the radiative and mechanical feedback of stars on the surrounding medium. I present recent spectroscopic observations carried out using Herschel, SOFIA, and ALMA, focusing on the links between the interstellar medium and Solar System materials. I also discuss prospects for continuing such studies in the pre-OST era using SOFIA, JWST, dedicated probe-class missions, and CubeSats for Solar System exploration.

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