Multiple chaotic motions arising from a degenerate homoclinic orbit

发布日期: 2021-09-29  作者:    浏览次数: 10 


报 告 人:朱长荣

重庆大学 教授

报告题目:Multiple chaotic motions arising from a

 degenerate homoclinic orbit  

摘    要:In this talk, we consider multiple existence of homoclinic solutions for a periodically perturbed $N$-dimensional autonomous differential equation with a degenerate homoclinic solution of degeneracy degree $d$. Known results were obtained with a functional perturbation, which is regarded as an infinite-dimensional parameter. In this paper we prove that the single parameter is enough to unfold all possibilities of linearly independent homoclinic solutions bifurcated from the unperturbed degenerate homoclinic one, which actually improves the known results. Furthermore,we prove that those homoclinic solutions are all transversal, showing co-existence of multiple chaotic motions.

报告时间:2021929号(周三) 下午300-400

地    点: 腾讯会议(会议 ID701 215 905;密码:123456




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