Efficient Numerical Methods for Transitions in Non-gradient Systems

发布日期: 2018-06-27  作者:    浏览次数: 224 

报告题目:Efficient Numerical Methods for Transitions in Non-gradient Systems


报告时间:2018626日(星期二)上午 10:00-11:00


报告摘要:There are two approaches to compute the transitions in noise-driven non-gradient systems. The first one is to directly solve the stochastic dynamical system, which is only suitable for systems with large noise amplitude. The second approach is to use the minimum action method based on the large deviation theory, which is suitable for system with infinitesimal noise amplitude.In this talk, we focus on the later one. The minimum action method converts the transition path calculation problem to an optimization problem or a variational problem. I will also discuss other possible ways to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of minimum action method.




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