Engaging lasers for macro, micro and nano 3D manufacturing

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摘要:Laser as a versatile tool enables precise manufacturing at macro, micro and nano levels. Numerical physical and chemical interactions can be induced and well controlled by choosing appropriate laser parameters. 3D direct writing combined with a proper laser source thus creates a capable platform satisfied advanced device manufacturing.


  In this talk I will review our research progress on nanosintering, nanobrazing, photonic reduction, carbonization, 2D-3D printing, and the application of nanomaterials for macro, micro and nanoscopic device fabrications through integrating high power diode laser, nanosecond fiber laser and femtosecond lasers. I will focus on the latest progress on laser brazing of Ni-base superalloys for turbine and vane repairing, laser 3D direct writing of flexible sensors and 3D printing of thin film Al-air batteries. I will also discuss the future developing trends of micro- and nano-manufacturing and introduce laser-based super-resolution manufacturing.

报告人:Prof. Anming HuUniversity of Tennessee Knoxville, USA



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