A Locking-free Finite Element Method for Elastic Vibration Problems

发布日期: 2017-12-13  作者:    浏览次数: 113 

摘要:A locking-free finite element method is introduced for solving elastic vibration problems. The discretization in time is carried out using the $P_1$-continuous discontinuous Galerkin (CDG) method, while the spatial discretization is based on the Crouziex-Raviart (CR) element. It is shown after a technical derivation that the error in the energy norm is bounded by $O(h+k)$, where $h$ and $k$ denote the mesh sizes of the subdivisions in space and time, respectively. Under some regularity assumptions on the exact solution, the error bound is independent of the Lam\'{e} coefficients of the elastic material under discussion. Several numerical experiments are reported to illustrate numerical performance of the proposed method. This is a joint work with Yuling Guo from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Junjiang Lai from Minjiang College.

报告人:上海交通大学  黄建国教授



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