Stochastic stabilisation and destabilisation: continuous-time and discrete-time systems

发布日期: 2017-04-06  作者:    浏览次数: 136 

报告人:黄礼荣  华南理工大学

题目: Stochastic stabilisation and destabilisation:  continuous-time and discrete-time systems

摘要:As is well known, noise may play a stabilising or destabilising role in continuous-time systems. In the first part, I will present some results on stochastic stabilisation/destabilisation of continuous-time systems, which further developed a general theory proposed in [Mao, 1994] and revealed the more fundamental principles. But, for analysis and design of discrete-time systems, noise is treated as disturbance in literature. In the second part, I will propose some novel results and control design methods to exploit the stabilising role of noise in discrete-time systems, which apply to some cases where the existing results do not work.

报告时间:2017410日(周一)上午900 – 1200


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