Two-gird methods for semilinear elliptic interface problems

发布日期: 2018-06-27  作者:    浏览次数: 109 

报告题目:Two-gird methods for semilinear elliptic interface problems by immersed finite element methods


报告时间:2018629日(星期五)上午 9:40-10:40


报告摘要:In this talk, three efficient two-grid algorithms are proposed and analyzed for semi-linear interface problems with discontinuous diffusion coefficients in two dimension. Because of the advantages of simple structure of Cartesian grids and the finite element formulation, we use immersed finite element discretization. To linearize the finite element method equations, two-grid algorithms based on some Newton iteration approach and residual-correction technique are applied. It is shown that the coarse space can be extremely coarse, and yet one can still achieve asymptotically optimal approximations as good as solving the original nonlinear problem on the fine mesh. As a result, solving such a large class of nonlinear equation will not be much more difficult than solving one linearized equation.





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