Propagation and modulation of information in visual pathway

发布日期: 2018-06-27  作者:    浏览次数: 69 

报告题目:Propagation and modulation of information in visual pathway

报告人:美国Pittsburgh大学数学系,Chengcheng Huang(黄橙橙)博士

报告时间:2018629日(星期五)上午 10:40-11:40


报告摘要:How neuronal variability impacts neural codes is a central question in systems neuroscience, often with complex and model dependent answers. Most population models are parametric, with tacitly assumed structure of neuronal tuning and population variability. While these models provide key insights, they cannot inform how the physiology and circuit wiring of cortical networks impact information flow. In this work, we study information propagation in spatially ordered neuronal networks.

  We focus on the effects of feed forward and recurrent projection widths relative to columnar width, as well as attentional modulation. We show that narrower feed forward projection width increases the saturation rate of information. In contrast, the recurrent projection width with spatially balanced excitation and inhibition has small effects on information. Further, we show that attention improves information flow by suppressing the internal dynamics of the recurrent network.




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