Various properties of operator matrices and its different applications

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讲座题目:Various properties of operator matrices and its different applications

讲座专家:Dragana Cvetković Ilić  University of Niš , Serbia


Dragana S. Cvetković-Ilić, born in Niš, Serbia, is a full Professor ofscience and mathematics at the department of mathematics atUniversity of Niš. She was the best graduate student of the University of Niš in 1999. She received her Master of Science degree in mathematics in 2002, and her Doctor of Philosophy degree in mathematics in 2004 , from University of Niš , respectively. In 2010 , She got the horror ofFor women in Sciences” of Loreal-Unesco in Serbia. She has been awarded for achievements in Mathematical Sciences and Mathematical Society of Serbia in 2014.

Dragana S. Cvetković-Ilić is a member of editorial board of Filomat (IF 0.714 ) and Facta Unversitatis (Series Mathematics and Informatics). She has published more than70 academic papers. She published the book includes:

(1) Cvetković-Ilić, Y. Wei, Algebraic properties of generalized inverses, Springer, 2017.

(2) Dragana Cvetković-Ilić, Generalized inverses and application, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Nis, 2011. (Monography)

(3) Cvetković-Ilić, V. Rakočević,Functional Analysis-Book of problems, Nis, 2007 (in Serbian).

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