High-order harmonic generation and attosecond physics: an overview

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报告题目:High-order harmonic generation and attosecond physics: an overview

报告人:C. D. Lin (Kansas State University)

       Prof. C.D. Lin, 美国Kansas 州立大学教授,强场和阿秒物理研究领域国际知名专家,长期从事强激光和原子分子的相互作用研究,在强激光场中的高次谐波生成、阿秒脉冲生成等研究方面享有盛誉;在NatureScience等刊物上发表文章7篇,出版专著两部;曾经担任第二届国际阿秒物理会议的主席,美国物理学会原子分子光物理委员会等多个协会的委员和执行委员,从1990年起担任Kansas 州立大学的杰出教授等等



报告摘要:In science and technology, one always needs light sources over a broad spectral range. To study dynamics at the timescale of the motion of electrons and atoms in materials, light pulses of femtoseconds to attoseconds are required. In this talk, I will give an overview of what scientists have been able to achieve in new light sources in the last twenty some years utilizing the extreme nonlinearity of the interaction of intense lasers in a gaseous medium. The basic idea behind high-order harmonic generation and the subsequent emergence of attosecond pulses will be reviewed. Then I will present recent progress and challenges that are waiting for solutions.

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